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Do you have unwanted metal items around the house? Do you need to get rid of an old car or truck? EJE Recycling makes it easy for you to “go green” and sell your scrap metal or sell your junk car! With fast and friendly service. We cater to the industrial and manufacturing sectors with our highly skilled dispatch teams who manage container scrap collection and pickup services.

We provide customers with fast, reliable, personalized, comprehensive transportation services tailored to your schedule, moving materials from our scrap yard or manufacturing facility. At home or at work, you profit, our communities benefit, and the environment’s protected from unnecessary landfill.

Scrap Metal Prices:

Scrap Metal Prices change all the time and sometimes every few seconds. You can go to web sites like www.cmegroup.com and watch the price of copper change right on the screen many times a minute. We have seen copper prices change as much as 15-20 cents in a day. Steel tends to change prices monthly, but not always.

We accept the last load of metal @4:45 pm

Please contact us 252.752.8274 for an estimate or email wayne@ejerecycle.com


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