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Landfill Operations

We have developed a faster, more cost effective way of emptying our customer's C&D loads.

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Scrap Metal

We offer competitive pricing for scrap metal turn your scrap into cash.

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Rock Crushing

EJE offers a rock crushing service for both residential and commercial projects.

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About US

EJE Recycling & Disposal, Inc. located in Greenville NC, has been an economical and ecological leader in the waste management industry while steadily expanding our landfill operation that began in 1994.

With our many specialized services, we are setting creative trends in recycling that aggressively attacks the waste stream. Some of our services include cardboard recycling, scrap metal recycling, municipal solid waste transfer, shredding, and construction and demolition debris removal. EJE Recycling & Disposal, Inc., located in Greenville, NC even offers rock crushing and concrete crushing as an additional specialized service.

EJE is the largest recycling center in Eastern North Carolina. We can offer you more money for your scrap metal - simply call or stop by our facility. It's easily accessible on Highway 264 between Greenville, North Carolina and Washington, North Carolina. Cars, trucks, buses, farm machinery, and scrap metal are examples of items we'll purchase.

We also provide catastrophe services and hurricane clean-up efforts to help others in need when unexpected disasters occur in North Carolina and surrounding areas. EJE Recycling & Disposal, Inc. is on call 24/7 for disaster situations.

We strive to implement our innovative ideas toward becoming a total solution to all waste concerns, whether they are of an environmental or economical nature.